April 20, 2016

Introducing: Juan Manuel - project assistant of the Puerta 18 team

This Social Sabbatical is also some sort of pilot: Based on the experience that language sometimes is a problem, Pyxera decided to try something new. Every of our four subteams here in Buenos Aires are collaborating with a project assistant. The task of a project assistant is to contribute to the team work with translations, but also by participating in the teamwork altogether.

So let me introduce our team assistant today: Juan Manuel Cafferata, 21 years old, in his third year of studying political sciences at the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). He is also very active in filming and doing animation films - in our breaks he showed us quite a couple of great clips and short films! Have a look at his homepage.

For our team, he is a great help. His English is very good, so the translations go very smoothly. As both Rob and I speak some Spanish, but Juami - how he likes to be called - is a great help to keep us all on the same level of information.

Apart from the language, he has become a full member of the team, contributing ideas and collaborating on solutions by summarizing and structuring information as well as searching for solutions.

For our team, this pilot is definitely successful, and we can only strictly recommend to Pyxera to keep this idea and provide every future Social Sabbatical team with a project assistant!

Juan Manuel Cafferata - our project assistant